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Pronunciation /ˈhɒtbɛd/

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  • 1An environment promoting the growth of something, especially something unwelcome.

    ‘the country was a hotbed of revolt and dissension’
    • ‘It has always been a hotbed of espionage activity.’
    • ‘It's also a hotbed of heterosexual sex - not something that's normally rife at fashion magazines, which are staffed chiefly by women and gay men.’
    • ‘Offices are regularly swept for bugs, and even after the Cold War the United Nations remains for some a hotbed of espionage.’
    • ‘The Internet is a hotbed of royalism; anti-monarchism and republicanism are comparatively thinly represented.’
    • ‘The nearby army camp, which fell on Friday, was a hotbed of disaffection in mutinies in 1996 and 1997.’
    • ‘Ann Arbor, MI is becoming the hotbed of engine development these days.’
    • ‘Mr MacKenzie-Wilson said a car park on the estate was a notorious hotbed of crime so is warning residents to leave their vehicles in well-lit areas, and fit alarms.’
    • ‘Universities have traditionally been hotbeds of public debate, with both students and their lecturers stirring the national conscience.’
    • ‘Chicago has been one of the hotbeds of activity for developers renovating older buildings to serve Information Age needs.’
    • ‘In the two years since the war ended, the area has become a hotbed for sexual trafficking-a problem that seems to be growing worse.’
    • ‘And everyone is set to benefit because the hotbed of gardening rivalry will ensure the town is adorned with colour.’
    • ‘These glands are found in the armpits and groin area, which are, not surprisingly, hotbeds of bacteria.’
    • ‘These schools are hotbeds of creativity and high-tech innovation and breeding grounds for future Washington practitioners.’
    • ‘But today's independent schools are also hotbeds of imagination, innovation and creativity, helping children develop a mindset fit for the 21st century - flexible, adaptable and retrainable.’
    • ‘During the 1980s, when the oil boom was over and the country faced serious economic recession, state enterprises were found to be hotbeds of corrupt misappropriation of millions of taxpayers' dollars.’
    • ‘The combination of young, broke music fans and high-speed Internet access has made campuses hotbeds of illegal downloading - something the RIAA has asked school administrators to change.’
    • ‘Regions of the Chesapeake Bay can be notorious hotbeds for the sea nettle, Chrysaora quinuecirrha - a jellyfish with a veil of transparent stinging tentacles.’
    • ‘Inner-cities aren't usually thought of as hotbeds of entrepreneurial activity, but they are often harbingers of things to come for the rest of the country.’
    • ‘The boardrooms of media companies are virtual hotbeds of political maneuvering, petty jealousy and back-stabbing.’
    breeding ground, nursery, cradle, nest, den, seedbed, forcing house
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  • 2A bed of earth heated by fermenting manure, for raising or forcing plants.